The Only Spring Home-Maintenance Checklist You’ll Ever Need

By Elisabeth Axiak

Spring has officially sprung – we can be (almost) sure now that we won’t see snow again for a little while. And what better time than now, when the days get a little longer, than to perform some simple yet crucial tasks to maintain your home.

This checklist covers everything you’ll need to ensure your home is working as efficiently and safely as possible:

1. Make Sure Windows Are Properly Sealed
Check all of your windows to make sure that any caulking and weather sealing is not damaged. This makes sure to keep water out, and the nice air conditioning in! Not sure what to look for? Forbes gives some great tips here.

make sure windows are sealed - Halwell Mutual the only home spring checklist you'll ever need

2. Check Smoke & CO Detectors
Make sure that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order. You should change the batteries every six months – so Spring and Fall are perfect times to do this.
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3. Clean Fridge Coils and Dryer Vents
Cleaning your fridge coils and cleaning out dryer vents is great for both efficiency and safety! Doing this quick task allows these appliances to work at their best, and reduces electrical hazards.
Image titled Clean Refrigerator Coils Step 2

4. Air Conditioning Maintenance
Just like the last tip, this hits two birds with one stone. Wash or change filters and trim any shrubs around the unit to make sure you’re A/C is working efficiently and safely. Here’s a great step-by-step by The Family Handyman.
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5. Change From Winter To All-Season Tires
While this tip isn’t for your home, it fits well under the topic of Spring maintenance. It’s officially hitting over 7 degrees Celsius, which means it’s time to get those winter tires off your car.

6. Declutter
Of course, we’ve all heard of the idea of ‘Spring Cleaning’ – but this tradition does actually make sense. Spring is the perfect time to start fresh! Get rid of things you don’t need, because a clean house means a clean mind.

7. Create a Home Inventory
After decluttering your home is the perfect time to create (or update) a home inventory list. Halwell Mutual home policyholders now have access to MyHomeWorks, which includes, among other things, a helpful tool to help with creating an inventory.

8. Lucky Enough To Have A Pool?
Make sure it’s opened safely & properly. And then invite us over for a swim.

9. Clean Eaves and Inspect Roof
This is another typical Spring Cleaning chore. Clean out your eaves from any leftover leaves, pinecones, dirt, etc. to make sure that these April Showers can be drained from off your house safely. As well, take a quick look at your roof to ensure that there are no issues up there.


Taking care of all these things sooner rather than later can save you a lot of time and money in the future. Do you have a Spring maintenance ritual? Let us know about it on Facebook or Twitter!