Free PC Checkup for MyHomeWorks Registered Users

Is your PC running slowly? Are you unsure about how to set up a new mobile device, or wondering about the compatibility of devices?

My Tech Support, part of Halwell Mutual’s partnership with MyHomeWorksTM, provides a free PC diagnostic to registered users. With your consent, technical experts will remotely access your PC securely to find out why it may not be performing at its best. You can watch them while they work, and, if something needs fixing, they will offer solutions. You decide the action to take.


To get your free PC checkup:

  1. Are you eligible to sign up for MyHomeWorks? Contact your broker today to find out.
  2. Once you’ve confirmed you are eligible, register now at Halwell Mutual’s MyHomeWorksTM site, then
  3. Go to My Tech Support and call the toll-free number.