Insurance: Tips For Making Your Home Inventory

Home Inventory Tips|Halwell Mutual Insurance Ontario

A home inventory is one of the most essential parts of your insurance coverage. If your home is destroyed by a fire, for example, you will need to provide an accurate and up-to-date home inventory as part of your claim. While it might sound daunting, making your home inventory is easy with these tips:

• Make a video of your home’s contents, making sure to get up close and personal with expensive items like electronics and recording as much detail as you can. While you make your home inventory, this video will be your back up if anything happens before you’re able to complete it.

• Walk through your home and take lots of pictures including photographs of each room, the expensive items, and details. Enter this information into whichever tool you are using, whether it’s an app or a document.

• Keep your inventory updated, making sure to add Christmas or birthday gifts or whenever you purchase something expensive.

• Once you’ve completed your inventory, calculate the value of your home’s contents. If it exceeds your insurance coverage, make sure you update your coverage.

Contact your local insurance broker in Guelph for more home inventory tips.