Insurance Tips: Quick Tips for Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness | Halwell Mutual Insurance Guelph

Emergencies and accidents can happen in an instant – so being prepared for the worst is essential. Follow these quick tips for emergency preparedness so you and your family can have peace of mind.

1) Have emergency lighting in every room in case of a power outage. Get some battery-operated or hand-cranked lanterns and make sure you know where they are and they’re easily accessible in an emergency. Avoid candles and oil lamps as these can be a fire risk.

2) Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, garage, basement and upstairs – so you’re never too far away from one.

3) Make sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm on each floor of your home.

4) Compile a list of emergency contact numbers and keep it on your fridge or in a drawer where anyone in the home can access it.

5) Put together a small first aid kit in your kitchen. These are useful even for every day accidents like cutting your finger while cooking.

One of the best ways to be prepared for an emergency is to have the proper insurance. Contact your local insurance broker to find out what your coverage includes!