How to Prevent Winter Damage to Your Home in Canada

With the up and down temperatures we are experiencing this winter, it might seem like there’s no reason to worry about subzero temperatures affecting our homes.

At Halwell Mutual, we believe in keeping our members (policyholders) protected to the best of our ability so we wanted to take a few minutes to go over some simple tips for preventing damage to your home, even in March.

  1. Turn off water and drain your taps if you’re going to be away.  Most people keep their thermostats down and if the temperature drops suddenly, it might impact your water lines and that’s the last thing you want to hear about during your March Break with the Family.
  2. Have someone check on your house every day if you’re gone for more than 3 consecutive days.  You never know who is looking to see if no one is home.  Having someone check everyday not only ensures that your home is being taken care of, but it also lets anyone watching know that your neighbours are mindful.
  3. Have your chimney cleaned annually and store your ashes in a metal container.  Some people use their wood fireplaces a lot and others use it sparingly.  It can be easy to forget this type of maintenance as it is difficult to know if there is any build up.  Play it safe, get it checked and cleaned annually.  For the little investment, it can save you from a drastic incident.  Here is a link to what to look for in an ash bucket for your wood fireplace.
  4. Shovel and salt your driveways and walkways to avoid slips and falls.  Straight forward? Yes, but it is still worth mentioning.  Personal injury to others while on your property not to mention yourself, is not a fun situation.  If shoveling is not an option for you, check out programs like these in your area.
  5. Don’t leave candles unattended.  They smell nice, and are great for ambience, but an unattended candle can lead to a house fire sooner than you think.  On theReader’s Digest, Top 10 Causes for House Fires, unattended candles is number five.  Check it our here.

These are all simple tips, but they can go a long way.  Our goal is to make sure you have all of the information you can to keep you and your family safe.  We are a Mutual Insurance Company, which means we’re all in this together 🙂