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Need Insurance for Your Home in Guelph?

With roots going back to the 1859, Halwell Mutual Insurance is part of a network of 40 Ontario Mutuals, formed with the idea of communities helping themselves. All of Halwell’s policyholders are also members and owners—which means we’re always in this together.

Based in Guelph, Halwell Mutual is one of the leading residential property and home insurance companies in the area, with independent brokers throughout Wellington, Dufferin, Halton and Brant counties. Whether you’re living in the country, the suburbs or the downtown core of the Royal City, Halwell can help you get the policy that you need to protect your home.

Basic Home Insurance Policy Packages:

  • Homeowner Package: insurance for owner-occupied houses
  • Tenants Package: insurance for people who live in rented premises
  • Condominium Package: insurance for furniture & possessions

All of our policies offer additional options for coverage and we provide a range of insurance discounts for new homes, multi-policies, alarm systems and more. This is part of the personalized service that the Halwell team provides our policyholders.

There’s home insurance, then there’s mutual home insurance.

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