Holiday Safety Tips for Your Home in Ontario

Presents by the Christmas tree illustrate holiday safety tips in Ontario

The holidays are a time for family. It’s the time of year when everyone comes home to relax and unwind in the company of their nearest and dearest. No one wants to think about things like safety during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important!

Because everyone is busy relaxing, the holidays are often when accidents will happen around the house. Don’t let your holiday vacation be ruined by a fire or an unexpected theft. Follow our simple list of holiday safety tips to keep your home and family protected during this time of the year. We hope they are helpful!

Don’t Leave Candles Lit and Unattended

Candles will always be a fire hazard. Even if they are placed in a candleholder or another container, it is always better to blow them out before you go to bed. Remember that you can easily light them again in the morning — and sleep comfortably knowing that everyone is safe!

Keep the Tree Fresh

When it comes to Christmas safety, it is important to ensure that your Christmas tree does not dry out. A dry Christmas tree can easily catch fire. Besides, keeping your tree fresh will make a better impression on all those visiting family members!

Many Christmas tree holders will allow you to pour water into the base. Fill this space initially, then keep an eye on the water level and refill it if it’s absorbed by the tree. When the tree does dry out, that means it’s time to take it to the curb right away.

Get LED Christmas Lights

Switching to LED Christmas lights is a great way to save money and improve Christmas safety at the same time. Not only do LED lights use less energy, they also burn cooler.

Have you ever touched the lightbulb from your old Christmas lights, after leaving it on for a few hours? Be careful not to burn yourself!

In addition, older Christmas lights may have damaged sockets or wiring, which can present a risk of electrical fires. If you have old lighting, then it’s a great idea to switch to LED this year!

Keep Pets and Kids Away From the Tree

Young children and pets are prone to knocking things over — especially amidst all the excitement of Christmas Day. If you are burning candles or having a fire in your living room, it’s a good idea to keep both pets and kids away from the tree. You don’t want to end the day with a Christmas bonfire!

Place Gifts Away From the Window

Holiday gifts placed in open view of a window can become a target for theft. It is a good idea to keep them out of view or ensure your curtains are drawn. You may not be concerned about your neighbourhood, but remember that many people will be coming and going over the holidays! Some of them could be strangers. This is especially important to consider if you are going on vacation and leaving the house empty for a few days.

Be Careful What You Post on Social Media

Be cautious about posting photos of holiday gifts on social media — this could also make you a target for theft. If you are careful with your privacy settings and don’t have any strangers in your network, you may be safe. But you should avoid posting to public profiles on Twitter or Instagram. Do not disclose your home address for any reason and delete it from your personal profile, if you are concerned.

Following these simple safety tips for the holidays should keep your family happy and your home protected! We hope that you will all enjoy a safe and relaxing time with your families.

Happy Holidays from the Halwell Mutual Team!