Hobby Farm Quoter

Please note that our Hobby Farm Quoter is currently being revamped, so that we can ensure it’s the best it can be! Please check back soon.

What is this?
We are officially launching our new Hobby Farm Quoter, to allow you, our broker partners, to quote Hobby Farms easier than ever before.

Why are we doing this?
You have been giving us so much opportunity to quote so many new farm risks, and we are very excited about that. And, as you know, Compuquote does not allow you to quote farms – so we figured out a way around that. This is so that it is easier, quicker, and better for all of us.

What did we do before?
Up until now, you would have to submit a quote request to us and then wait for us to determine the quote and send back to you.

How does the Hobby Farm Quoter work?
1. Head to Compuquote and fill in all information for the dwelling.
2. Then, open our Hobby Farm Quoter (above) and fill in all farm-related information to receive a second quote.
3. Add both quotes together, and that is your official Hobby Farm Quote!
4. You can send us both quotes and the application, and we’ll get started on the new business.

a. The quote you receive from our Hobby Farm Quoter is simply the difference between personal liability and farm liability. That’s why it works in conjunction with Compuquote.
b. When adding the dwelling information into Compuquote, please include all liability extensions that aren’t farm related. In the Hobby Farm Quoter, add all farm-specific liability extensions.
c. Standard underwriting referrals apply.

Is the quote you receive set in stone?
No! As usual, we pride ourselves on being open and flexible. If you aren’t satisfied with the quote you receive, please feel free to contact the underwriting team and we will be happy to work with you on it.