Why You Should Definitely Read Your Insurance Policy Wordings

By Elisabeth Axiak

There are a lot of contracts in our lives that we don’t read through. It’s pretty safe to say that no one on earth has read through the “Terms and Conditions” of their smartphone’s latest update. But, this week’s topic is focused on convincing you that your policy wordings are definitely not something you should skim over!

Your insurance policy wordings house all of the details of your policy. And while this lengthy document might seem overwhelming at first, it’s important that you read through and understand what your insurance policy does and does not cover.

Here at Halwell, we’ve taken some steps to make things easier for you.

The Three C’s
The easiest way to think of your wordings document is with the three C’s.

This document, along with your signed application and certificate of insurance, all form a contract we have with each other. Your contract outlines the coverage you are entitled to, as well as any conditions to that coverage. If you’d like to learn more about coverage and condition specifics, click here for auto insurance and here for home insurance.

About This Policy
On the first page of your wording document, we give you a break-down of everything that is included in the package. That way, everything is easy to find.

Can You Use That in a Sentence?
Ok, we get it. Wordings can be pretty wordy (no pun intended). That’s why we make sure to include a list of definitions. Any word or phrase that might seem unclear will be described in more detail in this section – to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Misplaced Your Original Wordings? No Problem.
Of course, your broker will always provide you with a package with everything you need whenever you get a policy with us. But, we all lose pieces of paper from time to time. If this ever happens, no need to worry. At Halwell, all you have to do is go to the client area on our website to find our wordings. Just have your policy number ready!

Being an Informed Consumer
We want you to have all the information you need to be a reassured, informed policyholder (that’s the point of Halwell U, afterall)! By reading and understanding your wordings, you’ll know exactly what your policy covers.

If you ever need help with anything, you can always talk to your broker. They know your wordings inside and out, and can help explain everything!

Check out our infographic below for more info about wordings!

Infographic about why you should read your insurance policy wordings, from Halwell U by Halwell Mutual

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