Sign Me Up: The Perks of Being a Mutual Insurance Policyholder

By Elisabeth Axiak

Over 155 years ago, a group of farmers decided to pool their money together in case any one of them had an emergency with one of their farms. This way, if there was a barn fire, or weather accident, they could cover the cost for any one or more farmers.

This is how Halwell Mutual started, and we have stayed true to our roots every year along the way, while expanding into home, auto, and commercial insurance.

We are owned by our policyholders and they have the chance to voice their opinions and vote on board membership for the organization at our Annual General Meeting, which is held every Spring.

There are a few fundamental differences between a Mutual Insurance Company and a Stock Insurance company. Since we are owned by our policyholders, we are motivated to make decisions that are in their best interest. Policyholders are the reason we are around, so we look out for them in every way.

Check out our infographic below for all of the perks that go along with being a Mutual Insurance policyholder!


Infographic about the perks of being a mutual insurance policyholder, and how mutual insurance providers differ from stock insurance companies


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