Loss Prevention: Saving You Time, Stress, and Money

By Elisabeth Axiak


Loss prevention is the process of identifying the sources of risk in a home or business, so that the owner is less likely to experience damage to their property, or injury to their family.

Our Loss Prevention Representative can come out and complete a ‘loss prevention survey’ for any of our policyholders’ properties, which will outline any and all areas of your property that may be a source for concern.

However, this is not how some people see loss prevention. The stigma of insurance companies who send nosy inspectors to your home, in hopes of finding repairs that need to be done, therefore costing you more money, simply could not be less true!

At Halwell, our policyholders are our shareholders, so what’s good for them, is good for us. We want to give our policyholders the right tools to have a safe home.

Your Home Is Your Biggest Investment, After All
And wouldn’t you want to make sure that your biggest investment is properly protected? This is especially true after you have just moved into a new home, or completed a renovation.

A Survey Covers Many Different Areas of Risk
When our dedicated Loss Prevention Representative comes out to visit you, they will be able to tell you if your home is at risk for things like fire damage, water damage, slips and falls, liability hazards, and more. This means that a survey is not only beneficial to home owners, but to business owners as well!

Decreasing the Likelihood of Having to Make a Claim
Even though our claims service is amazing, having damage to your home or business is time-consuming, scary, stressful, and costs you money.

Our main goal is to support our policyholders, and this is one of our proactive measures. By having a survey done, you could stop future claims from happening!

Advisory vs. Mandatory
When you receive a copy of your loss prevention survey, you’ll notice that there are two kinds of items. “Advisory” items are not mandatory, and are just for your information. This will include small things that don’t pose an immediate risk. “Mandatory” items, on the other hand, are larger problems that we recommend should be fixed right away. This is simply for you and your family’s safety.

Meet Jeff!
Jeff is our actual Loss Prevention Representative. If you are a Halwell Mutual policyholder and get a survey completed, the friendly, knowledgeable Jeff will be the one to help you out.

Free of Charge
By addressing risks and giving our policyholders the tools to fix them, we have found that we can reduce losses for everyone involved. That’s why, at Halwell, having a loss prevention survey is done free of charge!

Check out our infographic below for more information about loss prevention:


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