How to Read Your Home and Auto Insurance Declaration Pages

By Elisabeth Axiak

Every year, you’ll receive a declaration page, or insurance summary document, from your insurance company. This is also known as a “dec page”, and it holds all of the information you’ll need to know about your personal insurance policies.

Declaring Your Insurance
Your dec page is essentially a summary of the contract between you and your insurance company. It outlines what each party is responsible for. The insured (you) are responsible for paying your insurance premium, and for providing your insurance company with correct information. The insurance company is responsible for providing you with the coverage outlined.

What’s Included
Both your home and auto declaration pages will state the insurance period, your name and information, policy number, coverages, discounts, premium, deductible, and more.

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Your auto insurance policy also outlines each driver that is insured, and any relevant driving information about them. This includes their name, age, years licensed, and any convictions. Also, each car that is being insured is detailed in this document.

Let’s Change It Up
This Halwell U topic is laid out a little bit differently. Below, we will show you what an actual dec page looks like. If you’re a Halwell Mutual policyholder, this is what we mail you each year. We’ve highlighted different areas of importance, and describe each one for you.

Click each photo below to get a break-down of both home and auto declaration pages!

how to read a dec page declaration insurance by Halwell Mutual, Halwell U


how to read a dec page declaration insurance by Halwell Mutual, Halwell UHow to read a dec or declaration page, from Halwell U by Halwell Mutual. Insurance summary home and auto.


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