Everything You Need to Know About Becoming an Insurance Claims Adjuster

By Elisabeth Axiak


The insurance industry has 2 unique departments not seen in other industries – underwriting and claims. While of course we still have team members working in accounting, HR, marketing, reception, and more, underwriting and claims make up much of our staff. They are counterparts that keep our company going and keep our policyholders happy and looked after!

A few weeks ago, we walked you through the five essential steps to becoming an insurance underwriter. And, as you might have guessed, we weren’t going to leave the claims adjusters out in the cold! This week, we break down everything you need to know about becoming an insurance claims adjuster.

Listen Closely
Are you a good listener? Do you have a good sense of both sympathy and empathy? If so, you might make a great claims adjuster.

The Skinny on Company Adjusters
An adjuster’s job is to investigate insurance claims, confirm coverage, determine the amount of damage and settle the claim. This requires a lot of patience and listening skills. You’ll have to listen to each policyholder and the details of their claim on a case-by-case basis. You’ll have to be able to put yourself in their shoes, and make sure the policyholder knows they are important, and will be taken care of.

Policyholders are People, Not Numbers
At Halwell Mutual, we have an in-house claims department. This is great because (like our brokers) they know policyholders by name. When one of our policyholders has to make a claim, they have one adjuster who works with them through the entire process.

Make Yourself Stand Out
You have a few different options when choosing how to break into the industry, but having an undergraduate degree or diploma, as well as working towards your CIP will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

You can get your degree in almost everything, but some colleges in Ontario even offer Insurance Diploma programs that give you some CIP credits!

Living and Breathing Insurance
Speaking of the CIP, you can become a Chartered Insurance Professional! Most adjusters complete their CIP once they are in the industry, which is referred to as “living and breathing insurance”.

Prove Your Worth
Just like most professions, in claims you have to start from the bottom and prove yourself in order to move up. Once you get into the claims department as an entry-level adjuster, you’ll get to learn from your peers & gain the valuable hands-on experience you need. If you’re dedicated to treating people well, working hard, and being proactive, you’ll be an amazing claims adjuster!

Check out our infographic below for more info about insurance claims adjusters:

Infographic about how to become an insurance claims adjuster in canada. From Halwell U by Halwell Mutual
BONUS: We’re also currently hiring an adjuster! Check out our Careers section for more info.

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