Halwell Assist Information & Webinar Download

Thank you to all of you who attended our webinar on the morning of May 2nd, 2017! We saw a great turn out, learned lots from Stephanie Oulette, Manager of Legal Assistance, Sykes, and heard some great questions from both brokers and Halwell staff.
Halwell Assist is Halwell's newest service to our farm and commercial policyholders. Free and unlimited legal and HR assistance for Halwell policyholders.

– As of June 1st, 2017, ALL farm and commercial Halwell policyholders will have unlimited access to Halwell Assist,
– All they have to do is call the toll free number (888-896-0634)
– Between June 1st 2017-June 1st 2018, existing policyholders received a letter and brochure introducing the service, and will see Halwell Assist (including the toll free number) on their dec page,
– All new business farm and commercial policies will receive the brochure, and
– All areas are available to all farm & commercial policyholders (example, if you own a small business, you can still call about family law matters).


Missed the webinar? Or just want to watch it again?
We’ve got you covered! Click here to watch the Webex in its entirety (audio and PowerPoint). As well, you can view the PowerPoint at your leisure here. All of this info has also been emailed out to everyone.

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