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Infographic about insurance myths, debunking insurance misconceptions. Halwell U by Halwell Mutual.

Insurance Myths, Debunked

By Elisabeth Axiak The whole goal of Halwell U is to make insurance both less mysterious and more fun for people. If you hold an

Five things in your home that can explode. House safety facts and how to prevent fires and explosion.

5 Things in Your Home That Can Explode

By Elisabeth Axiak Now, that title sounds pretty scary, but it’s true. Today, we will explore five things in your home that, under certain circumstances,

Infographic about how the insurance claims process works, what to do when you get in a car accident, from Halwell U by Halwell Mutual.

Insurance Claims: The Inside Scoop

By Elisabeth Axiak Insurance companies don’t sell policies – they sell peace of mind. While we hope that you’ll never be in an auto accident