Category: Insurance Tips in Ontario

Man uses a snow rake to prevent ice dams on his home in Ontario

How to Prevent Ice Dams

Preventing ice dams on your roof can be a big task during the Ontario winter. Ice dams are created when melted snow refreezes on the

Man illustrates correct wood stove safety when building a fire in his Ontario home

Wood Stove Safety in Ontario

Everyone loves the idea of owning a wood burning stove. When you think of wood stoves, you imagine cozy winter mornings spent sitting around the

Image represents woman using home insurance and a loss prevention survey to protect home in Ontario

The Benefits to a Loss Prevention Survey

Performing a Loss Prevention Survey on your property can be extremely valuable for both homeowners and business owners. A Loss Prevention Survey can identify points

5 Signs That You Need Farm Insurance in Ontario

If your livelihood is farming, then chances are you already know you need farm insurance. But even hobby farms and small organic farmers require insurance

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