5 Things in Your Home That Can Explode

By Elisabeth Axiak

Now, that title sounds pretty scary, but it’s true. Today, we will explore five things in your home that, under certain circumstances, can explode and cause severe damage to your home. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging – we will tell you how to prevent these things from happening as well!

      1. Hot Water Heater
        If your hot water heater tank has too much pressure, it can create a huge force and explode. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure to have your water heater serviced every year by a trained professional. They will be able to keep your heater in tip-top shape, keeping both the temperature and pressure under control.Don’t believe us? Adam and Jamie from MythBusters show us exactly how it can happen:

      2. Gas Leak
        Thankfully gas leaks are quite uncommon – but they still happen. And when they do, they cause horrible destruction. To prevent this from happening, everyone in your home should be able to identify the smell of gas. Your gas company should have a “scratch and sniff” card to give you, so that you can be familiar with the smell. Again, yearly inspection from a trained professional will help you prevent a gas leak in your home.If you do ever smell gas, leave your house immediately. Don’t touch any electrical switches, and don’t use your phone until you are a safe distance away from your home.This video is from the Stafford Police Department in New Jersey, and shows how devastating a gas leak can be to a home:
      3. Cooking Flour
        Did you know that flour dust is highly flammable? You know when you’re baking, and adding flour to your electric mixture usually creates a flour dust cloud? Besides being messy, it can also be dangerous if it happens near an open flame. The bro’s at Dude Perfect demonstrate here:
      4. Grease Fire
        It’s easy to get flustered when something you’re cooking catches fire. But when it’s a grease fire, it is so important to react properly. Adding water to a grease fire can cause extreme damage. See for yourself with this video from ABC 2 News:
      5. Gas Grill
        Nice weather will be around before we know it – and all around the country, people will be taking their grills out of storage for the first grill of the season. It’s important to make sure that your grill is cleaned and checked over before you start, though. If not, it could cause a large amount of damage to both you and your home. CBC News offers ten tips for safe barbecuing here.

Unfortunately, there are more than 5 things in your home that can explode. If you’re interested, you can read more here.