NEW: UAVS and Farmer’s Accident Insurance Coverages

Halwell is now licensed for two new lines of business! Read below to learn more about these coverages:

1. Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle Systems (UAVS)

Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle Systems - Coverage by Halwell Mutual

Also known as: Drones!

What is a drone?
It is a power-driven aircraft that is operated without a person onboard, with its flight controlled either autonomously by onboard computers or by the remote control of an operator.

Why is Halwell covering them?
The future of farming is here – and UAVS are a big part of that. Farmers will be able to use UAVS in a variety of ways to help them daily.

What are the approved uses?
• Farm use only, including:
• Crop surveillance
• Crop health imaging
• Measurements
• Enhance security
• Improve water use & pest management
• Monitor livestock
Special acceptance is required for spraying.


2. Farmer’s Accident Insurance

Farmer's Accident Insurance Coverage from Halwell Mutual

What is it?
Farmer’s Accident Insurance coverage has two parts:
i) Accidental death and dismemberment benefits
ii) Replacement labour expenses

Why are we covering it?
A farmer works for themselves – farming is their livelihood. If they are injured and can’t tend to their farm like they need to, they could essentially lose everything. This coverage is to ensure that if a farmer is badly injured or killed while farming, they will be covered in the above two areas.

Coming soon …

We will be putting together training sessions for insuring drones – stay tuned!

If you would like any more information about either of these products, please feel free to call us at (519) 836-2860, or email our amazing underwriters at [email protected]