HD Mutual

On January 1st, 2024 Halwell Mutual and Dumfries Mutual, with over 160 years of dedicated service, will unite to create a new era in insurance excellence. 

With shared legacies deeply rooted in community service and a commitment to protecting what matters most, our combined strength ensures a trusted, reliable, and enhanced experience for our clients. 

At Halwell Dumfries Mutual Insurance Company, our trusted brokers and preferred agents in your communities are ready to offer you personalized quotes and services seamlessly. 


Customized packages for owners and tenants.


Flexible coverage for all makes of cars, SUVs and Trucks.


Customized packages for small, medium or large businesses.


Our coverage is designed to scale with your farm.
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No one wants to suffer a loss, but if it happens, here are some guidelines to follow.

We want to give your home, farm or commercial building the care it deserves. To do that, we have a dedicated team of loss prevention analysts.

Halwell Dumfries Mutual Insurance Company's 1st Annual General Meeting takes place March 26th, 2024