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We're Rooted in your Community

We do business in our local communities, and it’s important that we give back. Halwell is very involved in community charities and works closely with our partners in your neighbourhood to provide customized products to fit your unique needs.

We've been doing this awhile

After serving your community for over 150 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about protecting your properties and vehicles – whether that’s out in the country, or in a small town – we have the right products and services to fit your needs.

Mutual Strength

We have an extremely solid financial history, and it continues to get stronger every year. That means we are ready to help if disaster strikes. AND, we work together with all of the Ontario Farm Mutuals to ensure there is always strong financial backup. Now, that’s strength!

We're Local

We’re easy to reach and to talk to, and we come out in person to help you protect and restore your property should a loss occur. We work with the best brokers in your area, and stick to the areas that we know and love. And, our policyholders are our OWNERS! They are a member of our company, and therefore are treated like family! They are not just a policy number – they matter!

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